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Since 1996, Florida TV Productions has been capturing weddings and events on video. Multi-camera angles show the wedding from different points of view.

Quality sound of the bride, groom and officiator are paid close attention. Special requests for closeups or unique parts of the wedding ceremony are given particular consideration .

Also, any special events or unique planned events during the reception are also captured on camera. From the first entrance by the bride and groom, to the toasts, dining, cake and dancing, we will capture the once in a lifetime moments of the "biggest party of your life!”

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Black Diamond






"jeff Hall did such a great job with our daughter's wedding a couple of years ago, we've now hired him to do our son's wedding this year."

“ Florida TV Productions and Jeff Hall did a terrific job of capturing our wedding and reception. I’ve since hired him to film our annual Sharper Image Dance studio productions the past 6 years.”

“Jeff did a great job of filming my friends wedding at Black Diamond. As the maid of honor at another wedding I’m hiring him to video this wedding as a gift to the bride and groom.”

“After our wedding I ran into Jeff and told him how much I regretted not having him Film our wedding. In all the confusion of planning I had neglected to get back with him! I can’t believe I don’t have a nicely produced video of our wedding! I’m telling my friends not to make the same mistake.”

“We wanted to thank Jeff for capturing our wedding ceremony and reception. The special moments we discussed like the Dad and Bride dance were great. I really liked the “well wishes” he videoed of some of the family and guests. Especially of my grandmother who is no longer with us.”


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